I had applied for my Master degree program in newzealand. I wanted my family along with me while leaving India. Sridevi guided me properly and made it positive. As a family we are now in Newzealand.Thank you for their great support and service.
Bonnie thomasBonnie thomasUniversity of Auckland, Newzealand
My uncle recommended me to IIEC. My cousins (Amudha and Vivekanand) have been already admitted and successfully placed in their respective universities. so I had no doubt about my process,there was no second thought and now Im also in their list to give a testimony (followed by my cousins).happy to ...
P.Venkatesh RaviP.Venkatesh RaviUNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN , USA
One of my family Friend who already gone through IIEC directed me here.There are no words to express my feel.people are so kind enough and concentrated more during my interview times. Excellent and helpful service.My rating is 5 star for IIEC.
K. Karthikeyan & Rohini K. Karthikeyan & Rohini USA
Few friends and family friends directed me to IIEC. The staff and the director were my backbone at the time Detailed and right information stand out. Hats off to the effort taken to help me reach my goal of studying abroad.My dream come true through IIEC people.Thanks again.
S. Sivachidambaram S. Sivachidambaram UNIVERSITY OF THE POTOMAC USA

I know IIEC through my friend’s Reference Ms.Amudha. I approached at the time of my life's push-up point. Madam Sridevi stood by me through the process and made this happen. The effort that she took must be appreciated. I recommend IIEC simply because "They don’t give up". Thank you very ...

Chandrakumar.MChandrakumar.MQUEENS UNIVERSITY,canada
My brother is a previous client of IIEC who referred me to IIEC, he had consulted them in 2007 and was successfully admitted into his choice of university and now he got settled too. The type of service provided is exemplary. That’s what we need to help our dreams come ...
Amudha Umasuthan Amudha Umasuthan UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA,canada

My cousin pointed the direction to IIEC. I am happy I took it because there has been unconditional support. 100% satisfaction and I support to all my friends and relatives to contact IIEC for their needs.

Jothi ManivannanJothi ManivannanUSA

A friend Mr. Sathyaraj directed me to IIEC. Genuine information given and always updated with new information. Supporting staff and director helped me get through the visa process without any stress.Time management is very important and they promised me the date of filing which has happened by them 100% on ...

P. Prasanna BabuP. Prasanna BabuUSA

IIEC service was very good and comfortable.


We read an article in The Hindu about IIEC and went for a seminar that was held in Ambica Empire. We at once took the decision of meeting Mrs. Sridevi Arunachalam and we are happy we did. She helped us through the process without us needing to go anywhere. Information ...

Biju Joseph and Family Biju Joseph and Family USA
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